Kadina Lions Club

District 201C1, South Australia, Australia.


Lions works with leading Australian companies that support our humanitarian and community programs.

We offer our thanks to our outstanding Corporate sponsors...

Club sponsors

  • Wombat Hotel

    The Wombat - Trevor never complains when we have a late meeting, in fact never complains about us having a meeting. And dinner is always a tasty, good value meal.

    The club has met here for meetings and celebrations for 50 years. That equates to over 32,000 meals. They are always great.

  • Desmonds Meat Services

    Always helps us where he can. And what can we say about his award winning sausages, except "Yummm!".

    Or his steak. Or his fritz. Or his ham. Or his ..... ... . you get the idea, I’m sure!

  • Cornish Bake House Kadina

    Always freshly baked, with wonderful range, great coffee and plenty of sweet treats to tempt you. We would not go anywhere else.

    Thank You!

District sponsors

  • None. No existing sponsors could be found.

National sponsors