Kadina Lions Club

District 201C1, South Australia, Australia.

Kadina Lions Catering in the Copper Coast


Welcome to the Kadina Lions Catering Page.

Our Club raises money for charitable work by catering.

We operate a trailer BBQ which we use to conduct "sausage sizzles", but of course we don't limit ourselves to just sausages.

Local bussiness support us and wE get our meat from the renown butcher Des Waters at Desmonds Meat Services, a local Kadina butcher, our fresh from the oven bread is either purchased from or donated by the Cornish Bake House also from Kadina.

For events such as conferences, meetings, we can cater meals ranging from delicious sandwiches/rolls with a variety of fillings, a BBQ sit-down meal with a range of delicious salads through to multi-course meals seved with high quality cutlery and dinnerware on linen table clothes. For our 'top-end' service we are limited to a sitting of eighty guests.

To ensure food hygiene is maintained we have four trained members in Safe Food Handling who oversee our catering operations as par of our Risk/Hazard Management regime. Certification is available for viewing if required.


We have 

  1. Catered for a dinner honouring a local CFS identity on his retirement - provision of a main (choice of chicken or veal seasoned roulade with four veg) and desert consisting of fruit salad and ice-cream to some 110 guests (I'm sure I did most of the washing up for this one! Ed.)).

  2. Provided lunches for a weekend Woodworkers Conference, with an attendance of eighty. On the Saturday they received a large variety of sandwiches on various breads with each sandwich individually packaged to maintain hygiene, tastefully presented on platters - without a ration of sandwiches per person. Seasonal fresh fruit provided a contrast to the sandwiches.

    On Sunday the wood-workers enjoyed a BBQ of marinated steaks, chicken patties and sausages accompanied by a green salad, rich potato salad, coleslaw and a Bombay rice salad.

    The participants were very impressed with the quality and value of the meals that they have volunteered to act as referees for our catering operation!

  3. Of course, the best part of our catering is that all profits are returned to the community - knowing that Lions is a community service organisation looking to provide what others have not, to those who are in need.

Please contact us to discuss your needs!